Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Two days and no accidents!

Wow! Two days and no indoor potty problems. Daisy really seems to have gotten good about not going in the house! She has been sleeping through the night in my bedroom, out of the crate, with no mishaps and then eagerly goes outside in the morning when I get up.

This despite the fact that the doggie door is a little challenging right now, because it startles her when it flaps in her face (like after another dog). She's still pretty shy, especially about new noises and situations. Tried to do a little clicker with her the other day, but she's scared of the clicker.

We're still working on the concept of "an approved toy" - she wants anything that's soft or stuffed. She's really a lot like a little puppy on this one - almost like she was never taught some of the basics.

Speaking of the basics, we're working on "Sit" also. She's not resistant at all, just still getting the hang of it.

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