Friday, March 23, 2007

Cheese is the answer!

Well, I think the sit thing is starting to come together for Daisy after a bit of a slow start. I found that upping the ante a bit, specifically using cheese as an inducement, helped her make better progress.

Daisy continues to be a total love hound, snuggling whenever possible, and when not snuggling, playing with the other dogs.

We still have a few instances of her choosing an inappropriate item as a chew toy, but she has really improved about that, especially with just a quiet "no" when she starts to go for the wrong thing. I still wouldn't leave her unattended for any amount of time, but she's great with her crate, so it's not going to be a problem.

She seems to be a collector, at least somebody in the household is gathering all of the dog toys and putting them in one spot that happens to be her favorite place in the living room. Maybe she's just a very neat dog.

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Elizabeth said...

Daisy appears to be a wonderful dog! My husband and I are looking to find a sister for our 4yr old GSP Matilda. We just filled out the application form to start looking for a dog to love. I think it is wonderful you are documenting her progress like this!