Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pointer Blogs Have Moved!

Other fosters have shown an interest in blogging their dogs, so I have set up a new central location for foster pointers in the TX/OK area.

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Monday, May 7, 2007

Dodge has a very sweet personality

Dodge loves to run and he loves to look for interesting smells and critters in the yard, but he also is really people friendly. Given his choice, he'll give the yard a going over, but then he's at your service.

He definitely wants to please. He'll check in with you in the yard and come if you call him (in a fenced area) but if you tell him it's OK to go play he'll do that too.

He hasn't shown much interest in fetching, but he will track the ball sometimes. Of course, real live birds and squirrels are more interesting than a nasty old ball, in his book.

As for toys, so far he has played with the tug rope, a racquet ball, and the Combat squeeky heart. He and Teddy spend just as much time just plain wrestling as they do playing with toys.

Dodge would do well as either a single dog or as a housemate with another young dog.

Dodge will be working on ....

Well, he's got a good start. He's pretty well housetrained, although he isn't perfect if he can't get outside. So he's doggie door good, but not necessarily locked up in the house good. He has engaged in a bit of counter surfing, so he can't really be left alone anyway.

However he does know "sit" and "no" and he's learning "outside" and "inside".

Although he has escaped from a yard with 4' chain link in the past, hot wire appears to be effective with him, no escapes so far.

Goals for him so far are:

  • no feet first into the water bowl - he's getting this

  • no trampling people or furniture when playing with another dog - he's getting this too

  • getting more familiar with scootering - first time was good...

  • "stay" (since he already has sit)

  • "eat your own food" (no cruising back and forth from bowl to bowl)

  • "go to bed"

  • "off" (which he kind of knows but needs a little brushing up on)

  • no counter surfing (I'm going to have to set him up and catch him for this one I think)

  • no making a break for it out the door (see above)

  • play with dog toys only - I think he's getting this one pretty well because he has started going to the toy basket when he wants to play

He definitely likes the birds and squirrels, and in general finding high ground and being lord of all he surveys. Found him on top of one of the dog houses today....

Introducing - Dodge

Wow! Dodge is tall, light, and handsome. He's working on putting on some weight right now. Dodge really likes to run, and was running himself silly all day.

Preliminary experiments show that he is a prime scootering dog ( is a good intro). So far about 2 in 8 of the pointers I have tried liked scootering, but I hooked him up with my guy and he really loved it.

I don't have pix of that yet, but I'll work on it.

Congratulations to Mark, Cindy, and Bob on their adoption of the Buddy and Steve!

Two great guys for a great family!