Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why we love scootering

Hey there. I fell off my horse a little over a week ago and I can't do much on the physical side of things. means I have some time to process some of the video I have been taking but not posting.

This one is just me and Teddy in my neighborhood, having a blast. We hit about 25 kph for the first few minutes of this run before settling down into an easier pace. It's pretty funny, because Teddy is so fast, usually adding another dog to the mix actually slows things down instead of speeds them up. I think adding Dodge, way back when, sped us up, because Dodge was a running fool too, but since then, although Tango kept up with Ted, nobody else has added a single MPH to our top speed.

If I ever find another dog who can actually keep up with and add speed, I think I will just have to keep him/her!