Friday, March 23, 2007

Cheese is the answer!

Well, I think the sit thing is starting to come together for Daisy after a bit of a slow start. I found that upping the ante a bit, specifically using cheese as an inducement, helped her make better progress.

Daisy continues to be a total love hound, snuggling whenever possible, and when not snuggling, playing with the other dogs.

We still have a few instances of her choosing an inappropriate item as a chew toy, but she has really improved about that, especially with just a quiet "no" when she starts to go for the wrong thing. I still wouldn't leave her unattended for any amount of time, but she's great with her crate, so it's not going to be a problem.

She seems to be a collector, at least somebody in the household is gathering all of the dog toys and putting them in one spot that happens to be her favorite place in the living room. Maybe she's just a very neat dog.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Working on "Sit"

Well, Daisy is still pretty skittish, but she is starting to get the hang of "sit" at least some of the time. It's not smooth yet, but the training is going a little slowly because of her shy nature.

She also shows a t least a little bit of an inclination to play fetch. We have had a couple of sessions out in the yard with a raquet ball. Like all pointers, she loves to run, and will tear around the yard in circles when she is first let out into the back yard (as opposed to the dog run).

Daisy's ideal home would be with one or two quiet adults. Although she hasn't shown any problems with children, sudden noises and motions startle her. However, she has shown absolutely no signs of agression, neither with me nor with other household dogs. When frightened, she yipes and runs for cover.

I have been working on desensitizing her, and overcoming her reluctance to come when called (because she doesn't know if something bad will happen).

To try and increase her trust of humans, she has been sleeping in the bedroom.

After she goes outside, she comes back in and looks around anxiously until she finds me. If I'm in another room, she sometimes whines until I call her to let her know where I am.

As for eating, she eats in her crate, but still shows strange food behavior with the other dogs' kibble. She will slink up to an unattended bowl, snatch a few pieces in her mouth and then retreat into another room to eat the few pieces she "stole".

I have been hand feeding her outside of her crate and trying to overcome her apparent belief that she can't just walk up to a bowl and eat, but it is often tough to get her to actually eat what she is given without running away.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

By George, I think she's got it!

Wow! What a successful day with Daisy! Not only has she been 3 days without a lost carpet accident :-), today, even though I have purposely left her alone long enough to get into trouble, she has only chewed on "approved dog toys"!

She is using the outside doggie door on her own now, but is still tentative with the one between the house and the back patio.

Poor little girl is scared to death of sticks - or anything else that looks like it could be used to beat a dog. She darted into her crate and cowered against the bacl wall when I picked up a dressage whip yesterday.

She's also not too happy about thrown objects - we're working on those issues. I got her to come to me today despite the fact I was holding a piece of 2x2.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Two days and no accidents!

Wow! Two days and no indoor potty problems. Daisy really seems to have gotten good about not going in the house! She has been sleeping through the night in my bedroom, out of the crate, with no mishaps and then eagerly goes outside in the morning when I get up.

This despite the fact that the doggie door is a little challenging right now, because it startles her when it flaps in her face (like after another dog). She's still pretty shy, especially about new noises and situations. Tried to do a little clicker with her the other day, but she's scared of the clicker.

We're still working on the concept of "an approved toy" - she wants anything that's soft or stuffed. She's really a lot like a little puppy on this one - almost like she was never taught some of the basics.

Speaking of the basics, we're working on "Sit" also. She's not resistant at all, just still getting the hang of it.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Daisy loves snuggles

Daisy definitely loves snuggles. She is respectful of the household's other dogs and their space, but she can manage to squeeze her way in to collect some pets or some touching time.

Daiasy is very eager to please, but tentative about what's expected of her. Already, after just a day, she is getting more confident about the household and what she can and should do.

She loves to play, and she and Teddy have done a lot of racing around the yard.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Daisy in motion

Daisy loves to go out in the yard and play. She is currently working on learning to use the doggie door so that she can go out when she wants or needs to. Right now, she clings to being inside, but once she figures out that she can go in and out as she pleases this will probably change.

Daisy is a petite girl - probably about 40 pounds. She needs to put on a little bit of weight, but she probably won't ever top 45 pounds as a healthy weight.

Daisy is a love dog

Daisy is a bit timid at first. She's been through a lot of changes recently, but she is friendly and happy to share your company.

She may have been hit in the face in the past, because she is a bit hand shy around her head.

Daisy is working on houstraining.

Daisy loves her crate

Daisy plays in her crate, and often goes into the crate if the door is open, just to lie down and relax.

Meet Daisy!

Daisy is a gorgeous pointer, probably English, who is a super sweet, super good dog. She's a little shy at first, but she really loves human contact.

She's good with large and small dogs - she gets along with my maniac GSP Teddy, plus with my two little 15 pound dogs. She has her shots and is microchipped.

Daisy's owner got ill and couldn't take care of her any longer, so she has to find a new home. She crates very well, and will actually go in her crate just to hang out.

GSP Foster Blog v. 0.01

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