Friday, October 5, 2007

PPOD 04, 05 OCT

OOPS! Here are yesterday's and todays's pointer pictures of the day. The first one is Budrow camping out in the kayak to be sure he doesn't get left behind. The second one is Teddy chasing ducks after jumping off of the front deck of the kayak.

Budrow was reluctant to go boating at first, but as his swimming skills improved (rapidly) he became more confident and more insistent that he be included in kayak ventures.

This scene was played out many times over the summer. GSP Teddy would start out riding on the bow of the kayak. When we started to get close to ducks he would start to quiver. Finally, he wouldn't be able to stand it anymore and he would launch himself from the deck and start swimming after them.

He would swim and swim and swim, following them until they flew off. If he could spot where they landed he would strike out in that direction. Once he was either exhausted or he couldn't see them anymore, he would turn back to the kayak for a pickup. If I tried to pick him up before he felt he was done, as soon as he had his footing on the deck he would launch himself over the other side, basically treating the kayak as a stepping stone.

See Recipe for a dog-powered kayak for a brief video about this.

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