Monday, May 7, 2007

Dodge has a very sweet personality

Dodge loves to run and he loves to look for interesting smells and critters in the yard, but he also is really people friendly. Given his choice, he'll give the yard a going over, but then he's at your service.

He definitely wants to please. He'll check in with you in the yard and come if you call him (in a fenced area) but if you tell him it's OK to go play he'll do that too.

He hasn't shown much interest in fetching, but he will track the ball sometimes. Of course, real live birds and squirrels are more interesting than a nasty old ball, in his book.

As for toys, so far he has played with the tug rope, a racquet ball, and the Combat squeeky heart. He and Teddy spend just as much time just plain wrestling as they do playing with toys.

Dodge would do well as either a single dog or as a housemate with another young dog.

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